Therapy Groups

Heightening Body Awareness

womanspiritReclaiming Women’s Sensuality is a group for people who have body image issues which interfere with their self-esteem. Though experiential (writings, drawings, talking exercises) women learn ways to cope with negative self-talk and body shame. Focusing on the writing of Dr. Christiane Northrup in “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,” we have a chance to unlock the body wisdom and learn to trust ourselves. This psycho-educational group is a good way to look at issues in a non-threatening, safe environment. This group is ideal for the new groupwork client.

What’s Eating You?

A women’s relationship to food is complex. Few women feel positive about their body. Through a group experience, women start to love themselves while starting to eat in a healthy way. Women with disordered eating find support, increase self-worth by learning positive self-talk and self-care rituals. Join us in creating a support group for recovery from body image/food issues.

This group is for people who want to live free of diets. Come discuss what you hunger for and how to deal with the emotional response to breaking free from compulsive overeating.