Health Plan Participation

Health Plan Participation
PPO Insurance Plans

Yolanda Yturralde is not participating in any HMO Insurance plans. She is not a preferred provider for any company (she will not be paid by insurance company directly). After working within the Health Insurance system for 20 years, Yolanda understands the system and its frustrations. If you need to seek psychological services, she will assist you in filing claims for reimbursement if you have a PPO Insurance plan. Yolanda is accepting new clients and will provide a Superbill (itemized receipt with psychological disorder codes) for each family to pursue reimbursement. If you do not want a psychological code associated with your name in your medical records you will not want to bill your insurance for reimbursement.

Questions to ask of your Insurance company before your first appointment with Yolanda:

What is my deductible (part you will pay before insurance kicks in)?

What is the amount covered for CPT Code 90791 and 90837 (Ind) 90847 (Family)?

What percentage will I pay?

How long will it take client to get reimbursement from your Insurance Co.?

Will the company cover Telehealth sessions?

Although she doesn’t bill insurance for you directly, she can be of service and provide what you need. The client who works well with Yolanda Yturralde is someone with relationship issues, possibly body image wounding or disordered eating. Anyone who has survived sexual assault or physical trauma would benefit greatly from assessment for KAP and/or EMDR. KAP is experimental and is not fully reimbursed by medical insurance however the psychotherapy associated with KAP is a normal and customary treatment for Trauma and Yolanda Yturralde is trained in this cutting edge therapy which has research based success. EFT is the best known Attachment Therapy for healing relationships. Clinical Hypnosis can help people with better sleep, less anxiety, more confidence, powerful focus and bold leadership. Remember, Telehealth is a great way to include mental healthcare in your life without the burden of traveling away from your home. It’s attainable for anyone with a smart phone or internet connection via computer.